Need To Know - Karen Cleveland

It's Wednesday and I have a new book review to share with you today, a book that I flew through.

My Thoughts

This is the first CIA and spy kind of thriller I've read and when I read saw reviews about it and the synopsis caught me, I just felt that I need to read this one. I requested a review copy of this book translated into Swedish that recently was released and I'm so happy I got it :)

Even if the subject and story are not like what I'm used to reading about, I was pretty sure that I would enjoy this book. I knew it from the first chapter. 

I really felt bad for the character Vivian...I mean, to realize that your relationship is a big lie and with many secrets. We follow Vivian when she has to struggle hard with figuring out her life and what is right and wrong. 
The book comes with several exciting moments that made me just want to keep reading, it was difficult to put it down sometimes :)

My rate is 4 of 5


  1. I haven't read a thriller in a while. This one sounds great!

    1. You should check it out if you like thrillers :)

    2. Sorry I can only comment on this post by replying to you, I can't find a place to comment (it's not here). This book seems so good! If a forbidden love is mixed with hate-love (and if it's good) I often would enjoy it.

  2. This sounds good. Russia has been in the news a lot lately, so very timely.