The Sunday Post

Hope your week has been good. I've had a good week and I think the two biggest events is that our daughter had her 9th birthday and we've switched bed for our 2-year-old. She has moved out from her crib and now she has a junior bed :) Our girls are getting bigger ♥

Another small thing is that I'm trying to start a book journal, where I write down all books I've read, tbr list, author pages (with information) with my favorite authors and lists with all the books they've written. I will also write review pages of books that I've enjoyed a lot, like 4 and 5 stars books :)

I found inspiration for a journal like this on Facebook and it looked like fun to create and to keep for yourself. Do you have a book journal?

Time for the Wrap Up for week 27!

A Book I've Finished

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. I truly loved this book and by reading this I feel pretty hooked by the author and can't wait to read more from her.

Book I'm Currently Reading

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bannett. I'm a little over 100 pages in this book and like it so far. A book who is great to read during the summer.

The Audiobook I'm Currently Listening To

Right now I'm listening to another Colleen Hoover book called Maybe Someday. I just started this audiobook, but as the other two that I've listened to by her, I think this won't be less good :)

Bookstagram Account I Like

@bokelskerinnen is a person/account that I've followed for awhile and she reads a lot of darker books, like crime, thriller, and mystery. She as a pretty and an appealing account and really glad I've connected with her.

Book Review

This week I posted a review for Saint Anything which also was the book that I was able to finish this week :) If you want to check it of you can find the review here.

Favorite Booktube Video

For this week I have to say it is the June Book Haul from the channel Books and Smiles. Really like to get tips of books I've not heard of before.

New Book I Got This Week

I had a great luck to get two new books in the mail this week and I got them for free :) 

Kyssfaktorn is the Swedish copy for The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang and I knew I was getting this as I did request this review copy, but still, it is just as fun to open those book packages. I do have this already in English, but I was eager to get it as it is just released in Sweden :)

Demonviskaren is a fantasy sequel by the Swedish author Lovisa Wistrand which I connected with on Instagram. I have the first book called Drakviskaren and I still haven't finished that one, cause these books are big :) But I've picked up Drakviskaren again and will finish it so I can continue with Demonviskaren.

I wasn't prepared to get Demonviskaren, so I was really surprised when I got it ♥

Let's Chat

Now I'm curious to know if you follow any bookish accounts on Instagram you would like to recommend?

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  1. I don't use a book journal. I try it every now and then, but I always end up forgetting about it!

    1. Will see what I can come up with that can work for me :) It should be something I can enjoy filling in when ever I want.

  2. I got the Novel Companion from Little Inkling Designs and I love it! It helps me jot my thoughts down so I don't forget them before I review.

  3. Glad you got a few freebies this week. I love when that happens! I don't use a journal but I should, I usually forget what I want to say. If I use my kindle then I can highlight it and that helps me to remember! Have a good week.

    Mary my #SundayRoundup #26!

    1. Thank you so much and hope your week will be good too.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter, and good luck with your book journal. I hope you have a good week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I kind of have a book bullet journal but I lost it so I bought a new one to start. OMG I love Sarah Dessen, Just Listen, Dreamland, Saint Anything, The Truth About Forever are my favorites. I haven't read her recent release Once and For All but I plan to get to it this summer. I just read Alex Approximately last month and really enjoyed it. It was so cute and honestly a really good summer read.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

    1. Yey, another Sarah Dessen fan :) I have many books to read by her, so I guess I have a lot to look forward to :)

  6. What is a book journal? Also, happy birthday to your daughter! I have not read anything by Sarah Dessen yet, but I know she's really popular and I've heard her name a lot. Have a great week!

  7. Right now, my blog and my Librarything thread is my book journal. I review every book even if it's just a mini-review.

  8. I LOVE Jenn Bennett! I've read most of her books, but haven't had a chance to read Alex yet! I definitely will though. If you're looking for an adult romance by her, you should try Bitter Spirits. <3

    𑁋 Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

  9. Confession: I've never read a single Sarah Dessen book ahaha. I have to check them out now! Have a great week!