Saint Anything - Sarah Dessen

Happy Wednesday to you and I can't believe we already are in the month of July. I'm happy for it cause it means that my vacation is close :)
I have a new book review and recommendation for you today.

My Thoughts

I've heard, watched reviews of her books of a booktuber I follow who love Sarah Dessen books and seen her books time to time but until last week, I hadn't still read anything by her. Now I feel a little ashamed, cause I can't see why I've waited so long :)

For June I made an order of 4 of her books in Swedish copies and Saint Anything is the first book I've finished and read by Sarah Dessen for now and I honestly loved it. A wonderful story which is both sad and happy. 

And I can recommend you to not read this while you are hungry, cause the name pizza is mentioned a lot of times :) 

A great first summer read for me and I highly recommend it for anyone to read if you love contemporary books. It sure will be a book that will be stuck in my mind for some time. I'm pretty sure that Sarah Dessen is a favorite author of mine now and I can't wait to pick up another book by her ♥

My rate is 5 by 5

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