Amount of books I can read at the same time

The number of books that we can have ongoing at the same time is very individual and sometimes I can feel that it's a competition. I'm a member of several Facebook groups for book readers and that question is one that pops up many times, that people are curious about how many books people can read at the same time and how can they manage if people answer everything around 5-10 books at a time.

The thing is that it depends on how you are, how you are as a reader. What amount of books you can manage and not, there are different kinds of readers :)

I would like to share with you what kind of reader I am and the amount of books that I can read at the same time.

I'm a MOOD reader! That means I read what I feel like, so I often can't decide and choose books for my tbr this month that many can do. Of course, I may have a hint of an idea what books that are appealing that time or that I should pick up that month, but I can't be that hard on myself and stick to a tbr that I've decided one or two weeks before, that this is the list of books that I will read. I'll go with the flow and when I've finished a book, I just see what I feel for next :)

If you look in the sidebar, you can see four books on my currently reading list on Goodreads, one book is actually laying on the shelf and I'm a bit into it but I stopped as it was a long read, over 600 pages and it felt too long after a while. I also went into a reading slump at the same time so I had to take a break from it. But I will finish it when I feel like it :)

The other three books are active books that I'm reading right now so you can see that I read three books at a time. I've found a great balance by having three ongoing books, feels like it's the ultimate number for me.

Bonfire by Krysten Ritter is the audiobook I'm listening to. Yesterday we were visiting my parents who lives 1 h from us, so I listen to it in the car. I listen to audiobooks in the car, when I walk, cleaning and on the bus to work. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is the book I have downstairs and read when I have some quiet time and can relax on the sofa with a book. The last one is Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi and it's the one I read before I go to sleep, so this book I keep upstairs.

This is the reading routine I've tried now and it works perfectly and finds it to be a great balance for my reading :)

Are you a one book reader or do you manage more books at a time?


  1. I always have at least three books on the go at the same time. An audiobook, an ebook and a paperback. If asked to review something at short notice that might jump to four or five but I find that manageable. An acquaintance once asked me how do I keep the storylines straight if I'm reading multiple books but to me it is no different to watching several different series on tv.

    1. I totally agree with you on that. It s the same thing as when you watch several tv shows :) I don't have any problem with it at all.

  2. I'm about to go pick up Children of Blood and Bone right now! I agree that the numbers of books I'm reading depends on the mood. I find I can easily read a fiction and a non-fiction book at the same time, or other books of different genres. It's a little tougher for me to read similar books at the same time. I'd rather read one quickly to get to the next.

    1. I can't read like three big books either, it can be one bigger and two shorter.